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Thompson Brother's Angus Farm has been in the registered Angus business since 1955. We are located in the Florida Panhandle in Jackson County where Alabama, Georgia and Florida join. The farm is located four miles south of Marianna Florida, just off Interstate 10. The 1100 acre farm supplies ample feed and forage for the herd of 400+ registered Angus cattle that are bred to be easy keepers on grass and hay.

Our breeding program is based on sound, simple, proven breeding principles with desired traits on calving ease, weaning and yearling weights, mothering ability and fertility. Our heifers are bred to calve as two year olds in a 90 day calving period starting about October one. The cows are wintered on hay and oats-ryegrass pastures.

All bull calves are weaned, fed and grazed together as a group to make them develop and be able to compete in multi herd bull situations. We are taking a hard look at carcass information and have been ultra sounding the bulls for the past several years to help you in your purchase of bulls. The bulls are fed a high fiber diet and grazed on bahia grass so that they will put on a slow continuous gain.

The progressive breeder is demanding more records in order to make the right choice in his next herd bull selection. EPD's are the leading way in the decision making process but eye appeal, predictability, reliability, salability and efficiency are also important. We select herd sires on these multiple traits.

Our marketing program is geared to the commercial and registered cattleman to meet their needs for improving the economic traits that are so vital for him to remain in business.

We enjoy visiting with cattlemen and welcome opportunity to show you our herd. Please call or e-mail us.

We Participate In
The Angus Herd Improvement Record Program